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Tim Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

Tim has built and managed organizations focused on enabling clients to operate in complex and demanding environments for over 20 years. Tim has been CEO of two of the world’s leading security businesses and created a pioneering expeditionary medical company before moving on to form Iqarus.

With this blend of experience, Tim has an intimate understanding of the challenges encountered by international organizations, militaries, government and NGOs, and other expeditionary clients operating in complex and demanding environments around the world. He is passionate about the need to develop better, more focused, technology-enabled solutions, built around clients’
real-world needs and priorities.

Tim has extensive experience assisting clients to ensure safe, healthy, compliant operations in some of the most challenging operating environments in the world. He has overseen large scale medical and security operations in over 50 locations including Mali, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, The Middle East, Asia and South America, and environments as remote as the Arctic and Antarctica. Originally from Canada, Tim has run businesses in North America, Europe, and
the Middle East.

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