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Iqarus is the world leader in projecting and delivering high standards of medical care in the world’s most challenging operating environments.

We work side by side with governments, IGOs, INGOs, militaries and private companies to provide the medical support and training that enables them to accomplish their mission objectives with total focus and confidence.

We rapidly develop and deliver innovative and scalable turnkey medical solutions, from individual medics to full-scale multi-disciplinary field hospitals, often in areas of high risk.

Wherever the need is urgent or complex and regardless of location – Iqarus is ready to help.

We are agile

We can react instantly to urgent client requirements. We are often engaged to design, develop, procure, construct, equip, staff and operate complex facilities in highly challenging locations within weeks or even days. If the mission is urgent, the solution can’t wait.  

We are experts

Our clinical team have exceptional experience delivering critical medical support in extreme circumstances. Our experience, clinical processes and robust governance structure allow us to perform to the highest standards regardless of scope or complexity.  

We succeed in delivering excellence because we firmly believe in education, training and continuous improvement. We also believe that training plays an essential role in integrating our solutions into our clients operating environment in a sustainable and responsible way through skills development and knowledge transfer. Our Hereford Training Centre offers a state-of-the-art immersive training environment, and we can project the same standard of training globally to our clients’ sites. 

We go anywhere

We operate in areas where health and security threats are prevalent – not because we accept a higher level of risk for our clients or our staff – but because our people have decades of unmatched experience in these environments. Conflict zones, remote sites and areas affected by natural disasters or humanitarian crises, are but a few of locations where our teams are comfortable operating. We have brought together a team of remarkable individuals, including former military and law enforcement personnel, doctors, paramedics and nurses, humanitarian workers, and operations and logistics experts. We go where the mission goes. 

We make a difference

We have a deeply held sense of shared mission with our clients. Most of our clients are in the peacekeeping and humanitarian aid space, all with the shared objective of bringing about positive change to the regions and countries in which they operate. We are very proud to partner with these organisations to enable critical – and in many cases life-saving – missions.  

At Iqarus, we are driven every day by a passion for the power of health to improve the lives of those we serve – whether directly though our own medical work, or through enabling the critical missions undertaken by our clients.