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We provide urgent pre-hospital stabilisation of adults and children with serious illness or trauma. Our frontline staff routinely manage medical, surgical and obstetric emergencies, including injuries and infections, heart attacks and strokes, asthma and pregnancy complications. Our teams use the latest medical innovations and processes and are fully qualified to provide care under critical circumstances. If required, patients are evacuated by our AMET (Aeromedical Evacuation Team) or MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) to the appropriate level of definitive care via air or land ambulance.

Services include:

  • Point of Wounding – First Aid Kits including TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) approved tourniquets
  • ‘Buddy Buddy’ TCCC accredited field care
  • Pre-hospital emergency care – from first clinical intervention at point of injury through to definitive care 
  • Medical evacuation via ground ambulance or Aeromedical teams
  • DCS – Damage Control Surgery
  • RDCR – Remote Damage Control Resuscitation