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Medical staffing

The International SOS Group of Companies is the largest provider of specialist medical staffing in the world. We have decades of experience in credentialing candidates for a wide array of projects worldwide, including military bases, embassies, energy and mining sites, and various humanitarian missions.​

​Thanks to our global presence we are able to recruit, deploy, and manage the right people with the right skills using our in-house recruiting teams located around the world and a staffing database containing over 23,000 screened and validated medical staff of all disciplines. This allows us to build and deploy teams quickly, and to generate immediate surge capacity anywhere it’s needed in order to meet rapidly changing and expanding requirements.​

​On a daily basis, our HR and recruitment teams manage over 10,000 globally mobile medical professionals across 93 countries, working on both a fixed and rotational basis. We have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and are uniquely placed to provide tailored solutions and mobilise medical professionals under the tightest of deadlines.​

Additionally, our Immersive Training Centre (ITC) located in the UK enables us to prepare our staff for deployment, and to provide continuing personal development (CPD) and refresher training. All our instructors have extensive experience in delivering medical capabilities in all types of operating environments around the world, ensuring that our clients get the best support for their mission.