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Medical Evacuations

Whether on the ground or in the air, our focus is to move patients under medical supervision using the highest standards of care possible. Our teams will always ensure that the patient is transported to the destination in the right platform, with the appropriate medical escort and within the necessary time frame. Our medical evacuation services include:

  • Forward medical evacuations: The moving patients from point of injury/illness to deployed hospital care, under medical supervision in a designated transport platform equipped for role.
  • Tactical medical evacuations: The moving patients between deployed hospital care facilities.
  • Strategic medical evacuations: The moving of patients back to their home country or an international center of medical excellence.

As part of the International SOS group, we bring over 35 years of experience and expertise in medevac and mass evacuations. Combined with our global operations infrastructure, we ensure rapid and cost-effective evacuation solutions, without compromising quality. We conduct over 12,000 aeromedical evacuations annually and have over 3,000 flight clinicians in our staffing database. During the pandemic we supported governments and humanitarian organisations with Covid-19 related aeromedical evacuations, enabling over 1,000 flights. Iqarus’ medical teams are experienced in all aspects of pre-hospital care and follow international aeromedical guidelines.