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Training and Development

Training at Our Immersive Facility

We bring your operating environment to our training room.
The Iqarus Immersive Training Centre (ITC), located in Hereford, UK, is a unique adaptive environment and one of the most sophisticated training facilities in Europe. Featuring 750 square metres of dynamic simulation space, anything from a road traffic collision to an urban warzone can be replicated in this multi-layered space that boasts solid buildings and natural environments.

We believe in immersing students into the most realistic scenarios, just as they would face in the real world. You can set your own agenda and create a tailor-made scenario to suit your organisational needs. This ensures that your staff are equipped with the skills and experience needed to succeed in the specific environments where you operate.

Training Anywhere in the World

We bring our trainers and expertise to you.
Our Training and Development teams are regularly deployed around the globe to support our clients’ education requirements wherever they are located. Whether it’s at your home country HQ or onsite in a remote location, we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality education anywhere in the world, either in person or virtually through the Iqarus Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) platform. The VILT is designed to recreate traditional classroom learning to provide an engaging interactive experience.

Innovative training solutions

The conventional delivery of medical education and content has changed, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are combined into Extended Reality (XR). Through Extended Reality (XR), learners can now explore all areas of the human body, virtually investigate anatomy, witness physiological simulations, understand, and see the body’s reaction to adverse events and become involved in virtual simulations which take the learner to a different place in terms of environment and experiential learning.

Forty years of experience in aviation medicine, clinical education and remote health care provision has enabled Iqarus to provide medical content under licence to developers of XR programmes. Our clinical, operations and training teams work intimately with developers to provide evidenced based content to provide a full XR medical education experience.  

Iqarus Training and Development Division (IQTD) is approved,
accredited and endorsed to deliver qualifications on behalf of several
clinical and academic qualification awarding bodies.