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Our vision is to be the recognised world leader for fully integrated healthcare in complex and demanding operating environments.  Our approach is based on 4 fundamental principles:

Integrity – Our clients rely on us to provide highly skilled medical and healthcare professionals across the world. We never forget that integrity, responsibility, and accountability are at the very core of our relationships with patients, clients, suppliers and staff.

Innovation – We constantly seek to evolve and adapt our services to the unique and changing needs of our clients. We are committed to be the industry leader in developing and deploying technology-enabled solutions to enable efficient, effective health management.

Intelligence – In both senses of the word, intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. We expect our staff to apply insight and creativity in understanding our client’s needs and in developing focused, effective solutions. We also believe that the collection and insightful, proactive analysis of health data is an essential element in delivering value.

Implementation – We take excellent care of our clients, and closely manage the medical solutions that we deliver. We have the experience and knowledge to reliably deliver our services in the most challenging physical and business environments in the world.


Our mission is to wrap an envelope of high-quality healthcare around our clients’ projects; to build local capacity; and to maintain workforce wellbeing.


As we grow, we are deliberately developing our culture to support our vision and approach. We must ingrain the following principles in our systems and processes:

People – We strive to attract and retain the highest quality people we can at every level. Noting that we operate in challenging environments we must also strive to satisfy our duty of care to our staff, as well as to our clients and patients.

HSQE – We consider the implications of everything we do. Noting that the challenging environments we work in have inherent risk, we must operate to the principle of reducing risks to As Low As Reasonably Practicable as we deliver to first world standards.

Excellence – We ensure that the standard of clinical care and operational performance we provide meets the highest expectations. We codify and record our best practice, as well as identify opportunities for improvement. We must share both amongst heads of departments and their staffs.

Compliance, transparency and respect – We comply with applicable laws and best practices, respecting the cultures in which we operate. We act transparently with each other and in good faith with our clients. We learn from our mistakes, positively, in order to improve our collective performance.

Reputation – We strive to maintain excellence in all that we do and to retain our untarnished record.

Engagement – We listen carefully to our clients, employees and other interested parties to constantly improve our performance to their complete satisfaction.

Commercial efficiency – We must be commercially efficient, protecting the interests of our business and shareholders whilst delivering value to our clients.

Technology – This must be at the heart of everything we do as we align technological systems across our business and seek opportunities to leverage technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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