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Mozambique: Deployed Field Hospital

We provide several medical capabilities in two regions of Mozambique. Capabilities include:

  • Role 1 and Role 2 Infrastructure
  • Ground ambulances (including equipment, servicing, and maintenance)
  • Staffing inclusive of prehospital, nursing, and surgical teams
  • Role 1 and Role 2 equipment and supplies including the provision of blood
  • Telehealth reachback
  • International evacuation. multinational military training mission.


The Primary Services delivered include:

  • Full chain casualty management from point of injury to international evacuation.
  • Prehospital, surgical care and high dependency unit
  • Ground ambulances for MEDEVAC.
  • Medical Supply Chain and logistics management.
  • Supporting Elements included:
  • Legitimacy to operate as a medical provider in the country.
  • In country management and liaison team.
  • Biomedical technician for equipment maintenance and servicing.