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Excellence in Challenging Environments: Iqarus Medical Assistance Teams (MATs)

Navigating through remote, challenging, and austere environments presents unique healthcare hurdles. Iqarus, a leader in medical support, introduces its Medical Assistance Teams (MATs), showcasing dynamic and agile capabilities that swiftly deliver international standards of primary healthcare to the most demanding landscapes. From Preventative Health Measures to advanced Diagnostics, these versatile teams are customized to meet […]

Precision in Critical Care: Empowering Lives through Damage Control Surgery (DCS)

In the realm of life-threatening injuries, where every moment is a battle against time, Iqarus is a symbol of expertise through its specialised approach in Damage Control Surgery (DCS). In the crucible of high-pressure scenarios, where swiftness and precision are paramount, we excel. With a wealth of experience in managing critical trauma cases, our surgical […]

Seamless Transition: A Case Study on the Relocation of Iqarus’ Role 2 Facility in Mali

The relocation of Iqarus’ Role 2, a highly mobile surgical facility from Koulikoro, Mali to Bamako, represents a significant milestone in the realm of rapid healthcare infrastructure development. This case study delves into the successful transition process, examining the coordination between the two sites, the construction of the new facility, and most importantly, the uninterrupted […]

Revolutionising Healthcare in Challenging Environments

Providing healthcare in remote environments is a multifaceted and challenging endeavour. From limited access to medical facilities and professionals to communication and infrastructure barriers, there exist numerous obstacles to surmount. However, thanks to Iqarus’ innovative approach to remote medical support, these challenges are being comprehensively and effectively addressed. The Challenges of Delivering Healthcare in Remote […]

Preparing for Medical Emergencies in Remote Locations: Insights from Iqarus


In remote and challenging environments, the unexpected can happen, and access to immediate medical assistance may be limited. This reality underscores the critical importance of comprehensive preparation for medical emergencies. At Iqarus, we’ve spent years honing our expertise in providing remote medical support, and we’re passionate about sharing valuable insights to help individuals, organisations, and […]

Redefining Healthcare in the World’s Toughest Terrains

Redefining Healthcare in the World's Toughest Terrains

Amidst the expansive and challenging landscapes that traditional medical services often struggle to reach, emerges a source of comprehensive and tailored medical support – Iqarus. Our unwavering mission is to redefine healthcare accessibility by catering to clients navigating the most demanding conditions across the globe. With a legacy spanning decades, we have solidified our position […]

Health and Safety Considerations for Remote Operations

Health and Safety Considerations for Remote Operations

Prioritising Well-being in Challenging Environments In the realm of remote operations, whether it’s conducting exploration in distant territories, serving in offshore facilities, or working in isolated mining sites, health and safety are paramount. At Iqarus, we recognise the unique challenges faced by individuals in remote settings, and we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that prioritise […]

Exploring the Latest Innovations in Medical Technology for Remote Healthcare

iqarus-power-of-health-Exploring the Latest Innovations in Medical Technology

In the realm of remote healthcare, where access to traditional medical facilities is often limited or non-existent, innovation becomes a lifeline. At Iqarus, we’re deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in delivering quality healthcare to individuals working and living in remote and challenging environments. Today, we delve into the exciting world of […]