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International SOS and Iqarus Celebrate Dr Jon Kendrew FRCS Winning the Lifetime Achievement Award 

Press Release

International SOS and Iqarus Celebrate Dr Jon Kendrew FRCS Winning the Lifetime Achievement Award

International SOS and Iqarus are delighted to announce that Dr Jon Kendrew FRCS received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent British Ex-Forces in Business Awards. International SOS was a proud gold sponsor of this prestigious event.

This award category honours the remarkable achievements of service leavers throughout their entire careers, both during their military service and their subsequent contributions to British life, society, and the economy.

Group Captain (Retd) Jon Kendrew’s illustrious career exemplifies dedication, innovation, and leadership, within the Royal Air Force and in orthopaedic surgery. His journey from serving as a Medical Cadet in the RAF to becoming a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and pioneering advances in osseointegration – a novel surgical prosthetic technique for complex amputee patients – demonstrates his relentless commitment to excellence. Jon’s pioneering work in osseointegration has transitioned from experimental stages to clinical application, significantly improving patient outcomes and offering new hope to those facing limb loss. His leadership in this field revolutionises patient care and exemplifies his dedication to achieving agreed objectives for the benefit of those in need. Alongside ongoing clinical research, he has consistently delivered high-class clinical trauma services and shown a strong commitment to the education and training of others.

As a respected faculty member on several Royal College of Surgeons courses and leader of similar courses internationally, Jon has proven himself an exceptional teacher, trainer, and manager. His leadership extended beyond the operating table, as he was appointed the Royal Air Force Consultant Advisor in Trauma and Orthopaedics in 2017 and became the Defence Consultant Advisor to the Surgeon General in 2019. His academic contributions as an Honorary Research Fellow at the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies at Imperial College London further highlight his commitment to advancing medical knowledge and practice in the field of blast and other conflict injuries.

Outside of his professional achievements, Jon has served as a Clinical Trustee at the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and Parent Governor at his local grammar school, showcasing his dedication to societal welfare beyond the medical and military spheres.

Jon joined Iqarus in April 2021 as Regional Medical Director (Africa) and delivered an immediate impact by projecting surgical governance into the deployed space. Inspired by advancements in science and governance and the associated improved clinical outcomes for severely injured service people in recent conflicts, Jon established a global surgical forum. This forum brings a multi-disciplinary mindset, and an understanding of the importance of clinical data analysis, and mandates continued professional development for disparate multinational civilian surgical teams working in conflict zones.

Jon’s career is a testament to the profound impact he has made through his service and his contributions to society through medical advancements. His lifetime achievements embody the spirit of this award, making him a deserving recipient of the Lifetime Achievement accolade.

The judges said, “Jon was seen by the judges as most deserving of this special recognition award for his pioneering work in the surgical field, particularly during operations and latterly for injured people through terrorist attacks. His development of the novel surgical prosthetic technique for complex amputee patients offered new hope for limbless people. Jon has also been able to advise national and supranational organisations as to the benefit of bespoke rehabilitation and the importance of a joined-up system approach.”

Congratulations also go to those members of the Iqarus team who received nominations: Kevin Cornwell for Inspiration of the Year, Alex Stronge for Business Leader of the Year (SME), Dr Cat Davison for New Service Leader of the Year, and Ian Moorhouse for Team Leader of the Year.

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