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Our Dedication to Health Education: A CSR Initiative in Nagaland


As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we take pride in supporting the Health Education Project in Nagaland, a remote area in northeastern India. In partnership with a local NGO, Naruda, our objective is to bring about a meaningful improvement in the health and well-being of communities in this region.


Improving Health Access During Challenging Times:
Our primary aim is to enhance the health of individuals residing in 20 remote villages near Tening, particularly during the rainy season when access to medical aid becomes severely limited.
During this time, villagers are unable to travel to the nearest medical facility, making them highly vulnerable to diseases and epidemics.

Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates:
We are committed to reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in these local villages, safeguarding the lives of both mothers and newborns.

Enhancing Elderly Care:
Recognising the unique needs of the elderly in these communities, we are dedicated to improving their quality of life and ensuring they receive the medication, care, and support they need and deserve.

Empowering Impoverished Households:
We are committed to improving family health in impoverished households and addressing
critical health disparities.

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We financed a dedicated nurse equipped with essential supplies and a motorbike, enabling them to serve 28 remote villages situated in the highlands of Nagaland. This nurse plays a pivotal role in our initiative, conducting comprehensive health check-ups for all residents and offering essential health education services.

These services include:
Mother, Pregnant Women, and Baby Clinics:
Ensuring the health and well-being of mothers and infants through specialised care.

General Health Clinics (including First Aid):
Providing essential healthcare services and first aid training to address common medical needs.

Sexual Health Clinics:
Offering guidance and support for sexual health matters.

Menstruation Hygiene:
Educating communities on menstrual hygiene practices.

Advising on and promoting proper nutrition to enhance overall health.


Our commitment remains steadfast in our pursuit of a positive impact on the health and well-being of Nagaland’s communities. Through the Health Education Project, we aim to uplift lives, enhance healthcare access, and contribute to the betterment of these remote villages. Together with Naruda, we are forging a path towards improved health outcomes and a brighter, healthier future for all.